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A safety culture embodies the values and processes of creating a safe environment for all.

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Catamount Consulting provides leadership, safety, and training for mining, construction, and general industry. We deliver professional safety services, consultation, and compliance strategies at a fair price and with the highest regard for quality and employee safety.

Our goal is to provide businesses with high-quality, cost-effective, practical training, programs, and solutions for employee and workplace safety.

Number of companies where we performed safety training. Thousands!

Number of states we have performed remote or in-person training classes. 29 states

Combined over 240 years of experience, with an average of 30 years per person

Furthest distance traveled to a client. Alaska!


You’re presentations and energy over the past two days were excellent, there were a handful of employees that came up and said that they were really enjoying the content and approach which is saying a lot. I took a bunch of notes myself and I am really looking forward to working with you guys in the future.

Ian Klose
Director of Safety
Tilcon New York Inc.

When Dennis Riley from the Catamount team came to Galusha & Sons, LLC to present on Conflict Resolution and Sexual Harassment, one phrase that he kept referring to throughout his training was “Be a good human”. That evening, one of our employees was involved in a minor fender bender accident, and before he became agitated and emotional, he immediately used the Catamount “tool” and repeated to himself, “be a good human.” This simple, yet so effective phrase, helped this team member maintain his composure and deal with the situation with professional maturity. The Catamount Team always finds engaging ways to deliver important, “people first” lessons, that stick with our employees in their professional and personal lives.

James Campagnone
General Manager
Galusha & Sons, LLC

Catamount provided some really good information to the crews (Day shift and Night shift) while they were here to visit the team at the Hempstead, NY jobsite. I always see positive and energetic responses from the crew, especially when Catamount Leadership Coach, Jason gets in his Motivational Encouragement Mode!! It’s definitely nice for the crew to receive a different perspective from someone who does not work in the same environment as they do, because I believe it really helps to build their self-respect and confidence on the job. It also lets them know that people do realize that what they do is very difficult work in a very unforgiving environment (and that can sometimes be overlooked). Thank you for all that you guys do to help ZAYmech continue to grow and improve into the future.

Brad Zeyak
Zayachek Mechanical
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Our priorities have always remained the same: to help companies build a safe and productive environment. Whether OSHA or MSHA, our trainers and safety consultants are available for in-person or offsite training and leadership speaking engagements. Please complete the form below to inquire about availability or more information about management training or work zone safety.

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