COVID-19 Updates and Resources

No company and no industry is immune from the COVID-19 outbreak. The response to this evolving situation morphs on a daily or even hourly basis. Trying to keep on top of it or ahead of the situation has become complicated. We know it is causing a lot of stress but firmly believe that we can navigate these challenging times together.


Following is a list of items that should be looked at as you move forward:

  • Assess the specific risks for each site, job, and worker.
  • Identify general measures to prevent the spread of disease at work
  • Identify job-specific modifications and responsibilities.
  • Establish response protocols in case infection reaches your site.
  • Plan for business continuity in severe conditions. Attached is Business Planning guide based on FEMA guidelines. Business Plan- COVID-19 Specific.
  • Know the state, federal and local implementations on what is going on.  OSHA has provided guidance on recordkeeping requirements regarding the virus, MSHA has agreed to extent training deadlines by 30 days, Federal extension of FMLA and Paid Sick Leave


We have found several sites to be very helpful with updates during all this in several sectors: