MSHA launches third initiative in the Metal/Non-Metal sector of mining

?I think everyone is going to see an increased enforcement effort from MSHA,? agency chief Joe Main told attendees at a conference call on August 5, following the death of three Metal/Non-Metal miners just two days earlier.

After stepped up enforcement in June 2014 and February 2015 to limit Metal/Non-Metal fatalities in the mining sector, as well as increased outreach, education and training efforts, MSHA has decided to boost enforcement resources by reassigning 17 coal inspectors to the Metal/Non-Metal sector and hire 21 more inspectors in its third initiative to limit fatalities. MSHA also plans to step up outreach to Metal/Non-Metal operators, with special attention to mines with 10 employees or less. Read more:

Information on recent fatalities, a press release announcing the latest initiative, and a letter to stakeholders can be found on MSHA?s website at and