The Post-Star Agrees… Catamount Means Safety!

Hudson makes headlines!Hudson makes headlines! In a recent newspaper article, Hudson (our Gorilla mascot) and the rest of the Catamount Consulting crew were featured by the Glens Falls Post-Star for an initiative to spread our safety-training nationwide!

As you probably know, Catamount Consulting is a safety-instruction company with a vast and ever-growing list of safety training services ranging from MSHA & OSHA Safety Training to Work Zone & Firearms Safety. We train and consult both offsite and onsite to bring you the best possible service.

Currently, our company does business across the nation with four offices in Vermont, Pennsylvania and right here in Warrensburg, NY. We are starting to enter into a new business stage after forming the Catamount Group. It’s this stage that will cultivate office across other states like Wisconsin and Wyoming. Our New York office will manage this expansion.

The new offices would have individual owners, and the advantage of owning a Catamount office is having a trademarked brand, website building and streamlined services like accounts receivable and invoicing. In exchange for services, Catamount Group gets a percentage of the office?s business. The benefit is that we can manage the peripherals while the new owners can stay focussed on the business.

We’re excited to grow, but at the same time we are sticking to our core mission of embedding safe practices into daily routines.