Using the right mining expert witnesses for litigation

Mining-related accidents can lead to complex lawsuits that require the retention of multiple mining expert witnesses. When it comes time to litigate these lawsuits, there are two common scenarios in which a mining expert witness may be sought. The first scenario is one in which an MSHA inspector issues a mine operator a citation, and a mining expert witness is needed to contest that inspector’s findings in an administrative proceeding to dispute the citation and penalty fine. The other scenario is when a worker is severely injured and seeks recovery for the damages.

Catamount Consulting’s mine operation and safety expert Scott McKenna insists that “the single most important thing a MSHA expert needs to do is to read and know the regulations, inside and out. This is because things in this industry turn on words and clauses in regulations. In other words, the devil is in the details.”

Learn what experts in specific practice areas have to say in the following eight areas of importance when litigating in a mining-related accident case:

  1. Mind Your Miners
  2. Define Your Battle Grounds
  3. The World of Damages
  4. Learn From Your Expert Witness
  5. Know the Nuances in the Law
  6. Administrative Proceedings
  7. Teaching Over Talking
  8. Technology is Your Friend

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