Required COVID-19 Safety Resource Officer Training (CSRO) Online

Required COVID-19 Safety Resource Officer Training (CSRO) Online

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Due to Federal Workplace Safety requirements ALL companies must provide training to assure competency to their employees anytime there is a recognized hazard that is causing, or likely to cause, death or serious physical harm. As the government allows businesses to resume operations following the COVID-19 shutdown there will be requirements for training and oversight within these businesses to assure compliance with these standards!


Catamount Consulting has developed a COVID-19 response plan and we are offering a “train the trainer” course for industry professionals. This web based training will prepare key members of your organization to provide company wide training’s of approved COVID-19 Response Plans to staff and monitor their adherence to the protocols. A minimum of one CSRO should be on every jobsite and physical location


Who should attend this training?

  • Foreman
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Safety Officers
  • Others with Oversight

Upon completion of the course CSRO’s will receive: An approved COVID-19 response plan, training PowerPoint to use for future trainings, access to training documents, tracking forms, training registrations and ongoing support as new protocols are created. CSRO’s will also continue to receive guidance from the Catamount Consulting Team as the situation changes with the COVID-19 crisis at no additional charge.


The course will run approximately 2 hours or more depending on questions.

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