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Combustible Dusts (eLearning)

General Safety E-Learning: Combustible Dusts

Training Time: 15 Minutes

It’s only DUST! What’s the big deal? Under the right conditions, many types of industrial dust, including coal, paper, and wood dust, can ignite and produce a devastating explosion. With our Combustible Dusts course, you’ll learn to identify the hazards of combustible dust by using the Dust Fire and Explosion Pentagon. You’ll get a clear understanding of dust control and preventions measures as well as dust analysis and explosion risk reduction. Our course will also help identify additional risks and prevention techniques associated with primary and secondary dust explosions.

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Key Topics Covered in This Course

  • What is combustible dust?
  • The dust fire and explosion pentagon
  • Risk reduction
  • Explosive factors and effects, and secondary explosions
  • Damage control



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