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Electric Shock (eLearning)

General Safety E-Learning: Electric Shock

Training Time: 29 Minutes

People are injured or killed every year by electricity. The reasons are almost always carelessness, a faulty appliance or tool, or a lack of knowledge about how electricity works. This course covers the dangers of electricity, primary electrical hazards, the direct and indirect effects of being shocked, rescue procedures, and how to treat a victim of electric shock.

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Video Excerpt: Electric Shock

Key Topics Covered:

  • Electrical Hazards
  • Effects of Electrocution
  • Rescue Procedures
  • Shock Treatment

Electric Shock FAQs

What are the three factors that affect the severity of electric shock?
The amount of current flowing through the body, the path of the current through the body, and the length of time the body is in the circuit.

How does an electric current mainly cause injury?
The three main ways that an electric current can cause injury are through: cardiac arrest from the electrical effect on the heart, muscle, nerve, and tissue destruction from the current passing through the body, and thermal burns from contact with the source of the electrical current.

What are some indirect injuries that are associated with electric shock?
Common indirect injuries can include: slips, trips, or falls from high surfaces, burns from working with hot equipment, such as in welding, and lacerations and cuts from falling into moving equipment.

What are some symptoms of someone who?s been electrically shocked?
Some of the symptoms of electric shock are: the victim losing consciousness, having a weak or irregular pulse, problems with or no breathing at all, and small burns appearing at the entry and exit points of the electric current.


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