On Demand Safety Certifications

MSHA Part 46 New Miner Training


This 8 hour Part 46 New Miner Training Course will cover MSHA regulations as well as hazard recognition and accident prevention. Upon completion of this course, students will meet MSHA requirements to start work safely on the site.  The balance of the 16 hours of training required must be completed on the mine site to cover specific hazards at the mine and task specific requirements.  Until you meet all MSHA training requirements, you must work under the supervision of an experienced miner.

Course Topics Include:

  • Introduction to MSHA
  • Overview of Surface Mining
  • Health Hazards in Mining
  • Hazard Communication
  • Electricity, Fire and Explosives
  • Mining Machinery and Equipment
  • Materials Handling and Storage
  • Mining Health and Safety Standards
  • Statutory Rights of Miners
  • Line of Authority

Additional New Miner  and task specific online classes are available if needed.  Contact our office, 518-623-2352, to inquire about options.