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What are you doing to prevent workplace violence?

Today’s workplace is challenging.  As business owners and high-level managers, you must work with your staff to provide a safe and comfortable environment.


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Conflict Resolution

Effective conflict management is an essential skill for every leader. When utilitzed properly, conflict can be a force to build collaboration and innovation, increase employee engagement, promote open and honest communication and result in problem solving.

Every workplace has conflict. We all see it, and at some point, we all feel its impact. The word conflict has a negative connotation for most people, but despite that feeling, not all conflict is bad. Most often, the problem arises when conflict is ignored and people just wish for it to go away on its own.

There are five stages of conflict: 1. Disagreement, 2. Confrontation, 3. Escalation, 4. De-Escalation, and 5. Resolution.  We will take you through each stage and show you how to disengage, diffuse, disarm and divest.

Workplace Violence.

Workplace violence provide statistics and methods of workplace violence and active threats. We work with you and your staff to create the training that best fits your workplace and staffing environment.

What you’ll learn:

  • Common characteristics of perpetrators
  • Recognizing threat behaviors and signs of potential violent tendencies
  • Developing an effective and easily implemented emergency action plan and resolution strategy
  • Infrastructure and perimeter security measures and countermeasures

Active Shooter training

An active shooter is an individual engaged in attempting to kill people in a confined space or populated area. Active shooters typically use firearms and have no pattern to their selection of victims.

Active shooter incidents are often unpredictable and evolve quickly. In the midst of the chaos, anyone can play an integral role in mitigating the impacts of an active shooter incident. Protecting your organization and individuals in your care against harm is critical in today’s environment.

  • Active shooter response training tailored to your organization to fit your environment and facility
  • Recognize warning signs using situational awareness
  • Decide whether to run, hide or fight
  • Respond quickly and confidently in an emergency

Risk assessment, mitigation, and Emergency Action Planning

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates under 29 CFR 1910.38 (a) that employers maintain an emergency action plan, (EAP) keeping a written copy at the workplace available to employees for review. * (An employer with 10 or fewer employees may communicate the plan orally to employees.) The purpose of a properly structured EAP is to facilitate and organize employer and employee actions during workplace emergencies so that everyone will understand their respective roles and responsibilities during an emergency event, thus minimizing injuries and property damage. Conversely, a poorly prepared plan will likely lead to a disorganized evacuation or confused emergency response, with a higher probability of injuries and more extensive property damage.

The foundation of any responsible risk-management strategy for one’s business or organization lies first and foremost in the recognition of risks, followed by the thoughtful preparation of clear and organized response plans, should any of those risks manifest themselves in an emergency event.

While many business managers and organizational leaders often rely on a “gut feeling” regarding their prioritization of risks, combined with a vague sense of strategies that they might attempt to activate as a response, such efforts are rarely sufficient- much less optimal- in times of an actual emergency.


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Our priorities have always remained the same: to help companies build a safe and productive environment. Whether OSHA or MSHA, our trainers and safety consultants are available for in-person or offsite training and leadership speaking engagements. Please complete the form below to inquire about availability or more information about management training or work zone safety.

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