What Does EI Really Mean and Why is it Important?

Why are we still avoiding discussions about Emotional Intelligence – (EI) in the construction and mining industries when a true understanding of it can bring some much value to your organization? Does it sound too soft? Do we think it would be awkward to bring to the table in these industries? Is it because it has the word emotional in it and we don’t want to go there?

For the most part, the answer lies in not knowing what it really is. It is the age-old saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Watch our webinar on-demand for a conversation on emotional intelligence and learn what it really means and the value it can bring to any organization. We will discuss the key elements of EI including, self-awareness, composure, motivation, social skills, and empathy.

With a greater understanding of these elements and the tools you can bring to your team to strengthen their Emotional Intelligence, you will find that an opportunity awaits to increase engagement, profitability, safety, and retention.

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Gregory Tatro: Gregory Tatro is currently the HR Manager at GW Tatro Construction Co. in Jeffersonville, VT. GW Tatro Construction is a family-owned construction company with multiple divisions including: Site/Civil, Material Resources, Mountain, and Renewable Energy.

Greg is also the co-founder of Jenna’s Promise, a non-profit recovery community in northern Vermont with a whole-life approach to the treatment of substance use disorder.

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