Top cited standards for safety in construction and mining

MSHA and OSHA Safety Standards

MSHA and OSHA Safety Standards

The United States Department of Labor and OSHA and MSHA publish an annual list of Frequently Cited Standards. These standards exist to alert companies to these common standards so they can work to recognize and address workplace hazards before an OSHA or MSHA inspection.

Safety standards for construction and mining

Our staff of certified safety trainers compiled their top list of citations below. The goal of these citations is to reduce or eliminate preventable injuries and deaths in the workplace.

Machine Guarding

Electrical Issues

    • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147 – violations include failing to have machine-specific LOTO procedures, inadequate training on procedures, and failing to conduct periodic inspections of procedures.
    • MSHA 30 CFR 56.12004, 56.12032, 56.12028, 56.12018 – inspection and cover plates, testing grounding systems, identification of power switches in panel boxes, insulation, and fittings for power wires and cables

Hazard Communication

Our earlier blog posts discussed preparing for and navigating your way through an OSHA or MSHA inspection. Knowing the standards and implementing consistent internal inspections and reviews will significantly mitigate your risk of an unfavorable assessment.

The importance of on-site safety

On-site Mining and Construction Safety

The loss of human life or the impact on a family when someone is severely disabled from on-site accidents is devastating. On-site construction and mining safety can impact more than the project site.

  • Understanding OSHA and MSHA safety standards significantly reduce the risk of work-related injuries and accidents. Create a culture of safety knowledge and acceptance to keep your workforce healthy and on the job.
  • Construction commonly occurs in or around populated areas. The public is exposed to the dangers of construction. OSHA standards addressing ladders, fall protection, respiratory protection, and scaffolding can save lives and prepare companies for OSHA inspections.
  • Unnecessary expense occurs when companies operate in an unsafe work environment. OSHA and MSHA fines and penalties can be significant. Additional expenses can include lawsuits, worker’s compensation costs, loss or damage to equipment, and penalties from missed delivery dates.

Create a safe and healthy construction or mining workplace.

Understanding OSHA and MSHA regulations and standards, managing citations, and creating a safe workplace save lives. We have the resources, and we can help.

Visit our Training, Consulting, and Work Zone Safety page to learn more about on-site and office training in all facets of MSHA, OSHA, and firearms safety.

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